The Calm Before the Storm

Prepare your tech gadgets and plan ahead. Storm season is rolling in.


Spring brings storm season to the Midwest home of Mission Repair. Just yesterday afternoon we saw a wild storm blow over our store in Lenexa. When it comes to weather in the Midwest, expect the unexpected! A hot and sunny day can quickly transform into a stormy mess.

You don’t want to be caught unprepared when it comes to your trusty electronic devices. Communication is crucial when Mother Nature strikes. Devices like cell phones, tablets and computers can make all of the difference in keeping you safe during severe weather. We have put together a quick list of tips to get your gadgets ready while you ride the storm out:

  • Choose 2-3 weather, news, or safety-related apps to alert you of special warnings and updates. Many local news stations offer apps to live-stream weather reports.
  • Charge your device batteries well in advance, in the event that you lose power.
  • Forget candles. Utilize the free flashlight app on your phone or tablet if you are in a bind.  Get comfortable with turning it on quickly; many devices offer audio commands like “Hey Siri, Turn on my flashlight”
  • Program an emergency list of contacts into your phone for easy access. Include family, friends, coworkers, police & fire agencies, power and insurance companies.
  • The insurance industry pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims for losses due to lightning each year. The best approach is to unplug your devices before the storm arrives.  However, surge protectors can offer some reassurance and protection for around $30-$100.

Caught in the rain and now you have water damage? Power surge from lightning left you with a device that won’t turn on? Startled by a loud boom of thunder and dropped your device, cracking the screen? Accidents happen and Mission Repairs!  Stop by your local Mission Repair walk-in location for a quick and cost-effective solution.

Super Bowl Sunday Is A Frightening Event For Your Phone.

iphone repairThe big game is this weekend! On Sunday, February 1st the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots and it is a day many football fans dream about all year long. With Superbowl Sunday also comes large amount of delicious food, lots of drinks, fun times with friends and family, and one more thing… a cracked phone. That’s right. It is a frightening time for your phone! Whether you have an iPhone 6, Galaxy S 5, HTC One, Nokia Lumia, etc. While Mission:Repair is here for you if anything happens to your device, we have also come up with a few tips on how to prevent any accidents during the game.

1. Keep your phone away from beverages. It is so easy for a drink to get knocked over in a intense football game. While everyone is huddled around the TV sharing a couch, beverages are bound to get knocked over so play it safe and steer clear of laying your phone down by full cups.

2. Keep your phone away from food. This may sound weird but you’d be surprised. If you’re checking Facebook on your phone over a plate of food, there is a chance your device could drop into cheese dip, baked beans, etc. It’s safest to keep it away from the delicious food.

3. Don’t hold your phone in your hand during the game. Sounds simple right? It may be harder than you think. During the game, be sure to leave your phone in your purse or pocket. This will prevent it from being spiked when celebrating a touchdown.

4. Protect the phone. If you don’t already have a case or screen protector on your device – now may be a good time to purchase one. While cases can’t completely prevent your device from being cracked or damaged – it can help reduce the chances of your phone resulting in a cracked screen.

These tips may be a bit extreme and accidents are bound to happen during an exciting event like the Super Bowl. If for any reason your phone becomes a victim of a cracked screen, is damaged by water or has any other issues after the big game – be sure to call the experts at Mission:Repair (866-638-8402). We repair just about any smartphone on the market and our certified technicians know their stuff. We will repair your device and get it back to you good as new.

HTC One Max Screen Repairs Announced!

It’s that time again! We are bringing you a brand new service and this time it is for the HTC One Max. This is HTC’s first ‘phablet’ with a 5.9″ screen display. This device also features a customizable home screen, their biggest battery yet and an impressive camera.

HTC One Max

In the event that you accidentally drop your device Mission:Repair is here to help with our HTC One Max Front Glass and LCD Repair Service. We make it simple by offering max-and-match shipping to fit your needs and our process is easy. Once your HTC One Max arrives at our location for repair, we’ll immediately receive it, replace the Digitizer/Glass Screen assembly, and get your Cell Phone shipped back to you within 1 business day. Once it is shipped you will receive an email with tracking information so you know exactly when to expect your HTC phone back to you! Dropping your phone off at one of our locations? Just come on by, no appointment necessary?

Have questions about our repair services? Give us a call at 1-866-638-8402!

Have a great day!

Support Small Business!

Hello M:R Nation –

While we are a business that caters to a national market, at our very core, we are a small business. We are very proud of this fact and talk about it openly. There is nothing wrong with being a part of a small business and certainly nothing wrong with conducting business with a small business! In fact, this is what keeps our economy going.

This personal belief that I have slapped me across the face awhile back and I want to share my story (which might be a little long and has nothing to do with iPads or Smartphones):

With the growth of my family, one thing became painfully obvious. My kitchen table doesn’t grow automatically with it. After  the birth of my last child, sitting down for dinner became a chore and a competition of who could eat the fastest so we weren’t so cramped and If extended family came over, you could just forget about being hospitable. They were eating on the couch!

After a couple of months of dealing with this and not inviting anyone over for a holiday or a meal, I finally gave up and decided to go table shopping… For some reason, my first thought for a kitchen table was a big box retail chain and let me tell you, I spent many hours posted in these stores sitting on chairs and knocking on wood to check for authenticity. I am by no means a furniture snob, bit I wanted something that would last me for DECADES, not just a couple of year.

During this time, the “Shop Small” campaign that the SBA runs on a yearly basis started and this just hit me like a ton of bricks! What the heck am I doing looking in these stores for a very cheaply made/very expensive table? This is a great opportunity for me to shop small and help out my local economy! From there the search began and I did the first thing that any consumer does nowadays and searched on goggle for “Kansas City custom furniture” and a great deal of customer furniture makes appeared. Why was I so surprised? Furniture that was hand made? I thought only the amish did that. Boy was I wrong .

After much searching and research, I decided to go with the company that actually popped up first on my google search, “Unruh Furniture”. I found that this company was run by a small family and the master wood worker was no older than myself. He has a couple of local news interview that I really enjoyed watching and the examples of his work on their website is what really sold me! I placed my order on his site: and below is the product I received!

Harris Kitchen Table!


While the picture isn’t great, the quality of the work and material used is 100% better than I saw in any big box store! I listened to what I preach all of the time on this blog and I received something better than I could have ever imagined.  While I am not trying to make this an advertisement for Mr. Sam Unruh, he does great work and I think he ships his work across the USA!

The biggest point I am trying to make here is this, SHOP SMALL! You are not only supporting you neighbor and pumping up your local economy, but you will most likely receive a product better than you ever imagine. because the person creating that product or service counts on the quality he or she produces to keep them in business, not a huge corporate backing. \

We at Mission Repair appreciate all of the local and national support we receive from folks just like myself and decide to shop small! We will continue to produce a great service !

Cheers, Troy

It’s not a magic trick, it’s the Samsung Illusion glass repair. Magically.

Hello all-

Don’t laugh at me – but I like magic. It’s true. I have a few tricks that I save at the house for when the nieces come over, and I like showing them some “illusions” when I can. It makes them feel like their uncle is truly “magical”. I’ll take it 😉

Well, what we do at Mission Repair is not magic. There’s no “string attached to a rubber band that flips the coin” etc. In fact, all of our services and repairs are based in reality! No illusions here except for our next service release on the Samsung Illusion. Screen repairs are just $89 installed for a BRAND NEW SCREEN and LABOR!


OK, don’t stare at that picture for too long- it almost sent me into shock. A little “tweaky” on the eyes!

So if you know anyone that has an issue with their Samsung Illusion Smartphone – you can send them our way. We can take care of business, without a magic wand.

Thanks friends, take care, Ryan


Hello M:R Nation –

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to tell your loved one “I Love You” by getting them a Mission:Repair Gift Certificate ? I guess you could call it an “I love you, will you get that iPhone screen repaired already” Gift Certificate!

We know how hard it is to pull people away from their computerstablets and smartphones. It’s an even more difficult task to do it as a surprise! I know if my iPhone 5 were to randomly disappear, I would freak out, search high and low, end up conceding to the fact that it is missing and buying a new one. Image how awkward of a gift that would be once opened. Don’t get me wrong, we have heard plenty of success stories when it comes to gifting a repair, I just don’t think I could pull it off.


The prefect gift!

How do you order this wonderful gift you ask? Its easy, just click the following link to make all of your wishes come true 😉 Mission:Repair Gift Certificate. Now this works in multiple ways. Once ordered, you will be able to print the certificate at home, have us send you a copy or email it to a loved one! It is that easy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at and I would be happy to help you out!

Cheers, Troy

I looked down and my iPhone 5 Screen was shattered!

Hello M:R Nation –

The title says it all. This is an actual quote from one of our customers and it describes something that is not un-common. Cracking the glass on your device and not knowing how it happened! How in the world can that be possible, you ask?

Thats a great question! You think you’d at least see it crack or that it might take some brute force to make the crack appear? Well, from many customer accounts and even a personal one or two, your glass can crack at the most unpredictable times, under the correct/unfortunate conditions.


Has this happened to you?

So what are these conditions?

  • Sitting On Your Device – A lot of folks like to put their device in their back pocket. You can do this for years without incident, however, in the “correct/unfortunate condition”, you might sit on something harder than usual and crack your screen without you hearing, seeing or feeling a thing!
  • Carpet Drop – Folks (me included) will drop their device from waist height on carpet. They think nothing of it, don’t look at their device and stow it away. When they come back to it, there is a gnarly crack in the glass! While carpet helps break a fall, keep in mind there is usually concrete under that carpet. If you drop your iPad on the carpet, look at the screen immediately so you won’t be surprised later!
  • Unseen Hairline Cracks –  I have often dropped my iPhone 5 from amazing distances onto asphalt only to find there is no crack or damage to be found…It’s AMAZING. But keep in mind, this unseen mood killer… THE HAIRLINE CRACK. You pick up your device, dance for joy, put it in your pocket for a later time. When you go to answer that next phone call, you retrieve your device and see a huge crack across your screen! This is a very common occurrence and it is simply due to that tiny crack that you can’t see, spreading every time the phone moves in your pocket.
  • Hot To Cold Transfer – I have seen this with my own two eyeballs. On a very cold night, a family member came in from the snow and thought it a good idea to warm their hands and text at the same time. All of a sudden, “CRACK” right before our very eyes! It is the same concept of taking a brutally hot coffee pot and pouring cold water on it (opposite order of course). Glass expands and contracts with the temperature. Any extreme movement of glass has awful consequences!

Keep in mind, we are not scientists. We are only going off of our experiences and some common knowledge about the make up of glass.

So what is someone to do after receiving a surprise crack in their glass? Well, call Mission Repair of course! While we can’t turn back the hands of time and undo the damage on your Smartphone, we can sure make it seem that way! With Mission Repair, you can count on having your device repaired correctly and quickly! Click here: to get started!

With that, I hope you have learned something new with this post. Damage can happen anytime, anywhere, anyway. While there are procautions you can take, like installing a case on your device, there is always the threat of your device becoming damaged. Your best option, is to have someone to count on when it happens! We would be honored if that someone for you was Mission:Repair!

Cheers, Troy