Where Should I Get My iPad Repaired?

Mission:Repair is the answer!

Whether you need your screen repaired, battery replaced, fix dock connectors, power buttons, wifi connectivity issues… the list goes on and on! Just about any problem you are having with your iPad, Mission:Repair can solve. This even includes liquid damage!

So the next time you hear someone talk about their iPad not working correctly, you know the answer. It doesn’t matter where you are in the USA, we service EVERY address and the best part about our services is our warranties. First, we have our warranties against any defects on parts installed. Second is our Got Repair Lifetime Warranty our services come with. If for any reason you need to visit us again for the same repair – we will fix your unit again at a cheaper price!


Interested in more information on a particular service?

- Click here for our list of iPad Repairs

- Live chat us on our website

- Call 1-866-638-8402

- Email sales@missionrepair.com

- Walk-In to one of our locations and speak to a team member

Should I Repair My Old iPod Touch?

photoYes! In most cases, repairing your older iPod is much more cost effective than purchasing a new one. Let’s say you have a 4th Gen iPod Touch that needs a screen repair and you can’t get this device to work because it’s cracked. You have a decision to make – purchase a brand new one or get the ‘older’ version repaired.

Mission Repair can have your 4th Gen iPod Touch’s screen replaced for only $49! We’ve performed hundreds of thousands of iPod repair services in the last few years and the proof couldn’t be more evident.

My advice? Look into getting your old unit repaired before purchasing a new one. Again, many times having your device repaired is WAY more cost effective than purchasing a new one. Be sure to give us a call at 1-866-638-8402 or check out our full line of iPod repairs to learn more about our services.

Have a great day,


It’s The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year!

Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier! It is my favorite season, although Summer is a close second. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Summer sunshine, going to the lake and hanging out by the pool but there is something about Fall that trumps all those things. It may be all of the pumpkin flavored coffees, muffins, etc. or being able to wear my favorite comfy sweatshirt. What I really think it is – is watching the leaves change. I know I’m not the only one – there is something about being surrounded by pretty trees and bushes that automatically puts me in a great mood.

FullSizeRenderThis bush in particular you can’t help but notice right outside our office window at our Olathe location. It lines the parking lot and I was just informed by Krys that these type of bushes are called ‘Burning Bushes’. Their fall foliage color ranges from red to pinkish-red and can also have reddish-orange berries. You can see this really well in this picture I took today.

Another great thing about Fall at Mission:Repair is our Annual Chili Cook-Off! This will take place next week and we are all making sure to keep our recipes secret until then. Stay tuned – we’ll let you know who wins next week.

What do you love about Fall? Do you have any great Fall foliage pictures? Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram (@missionrepair) – I’d love to see them!

Happy Fall everyone!


iPad 2 Screen Repairs Are Only $89 In October!

Good Morning! It is a rainy October morning in Kansas City and I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone about our Deal of the Month! During the month of October we are offering our premiere iPad 2 Screen Repairs for only $89 (Regular Price: $104.00). That’s right, during the month of October you can save 14% when you use Mission:Repair to replace your iPad 2 Screen. There is no coupon necessary for this great deal – just visit us at www.missionrepair.com, stop by one of our walk-in locations, or give us a call at 1-866-638-8402.


In addition to these savings, this repair comes with a 1 year warranty on the screen against any defects. Even better? With this screen repair you also automatically get our ‘Got Repair’ Warranty where if you happen to break the glass again on this device (after we repair it  the first time)- we will repair it a second time for nearly HALF the cost of the original repair! You do not have to sign up for this Got Repair Warranty, it is simply an added benefit for all of our customers.

So, if you have a cracked screen on your iPad 2 – NOW is the time to get it repaired. This Deal of the Month expires 10/31/14 so act fast and visit Mission:Repair today.

Have a great day,


iPhone 6 Screen Repairs? Yes We Do Those Too.

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, released about a month ago, are larger and thinner versions of the iPhone. While both models are beautifully designed, they are not indestructible. These iPhones are still easy to drop, and at Mission:Repair we know accidents happen and we are here to help!

We have already received a ton of these devices into our repair center and if you are in need of a screen repair for your iPhone be sure to give us a call. Our certified technicians will remove the broken screen from your device and replace it with a brand new Glass/Digitizer/LCD assembly. Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours but if you need your device repaired faster than that – we offer same-day services as well.



Interested in our repair services? Click one of the links below or give us a call at 1-866-638-8402 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.

If you don’t the repair you need on our website be sure to call us or send us an email at sales@missionrepair.com

Can one have too much pumpkin in their diet?

Hello friends,

It’s Wednesday at noon, and I’m still drinking my morning cup of coffee. Yes, it’s getting a little old, a little cold, but it still tastes like the pumpkin spice coffee creamer that Sherri brought in for the office to share.


That made me think…I’ve had a lot of “pumpkin” already this month…and with Halloween just around the corner it seems like it’ll just get a little “worse” the next few days. I won’t kid ya; I like Starbucks pumpkin lattes as a treat once in a while; I’ve also enjoyed a few pumpkin beers recently, some pumpkin bread, and of course I’m really looking forward to pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving next month.

Is that too much pumpkin? Never!

I tried to come up with a way to add some pumpkin spice to our iPhone repairs here at Mission Repair, but I’m kind of at a stand still. Should I add a pumpkin flavored “air freshener” to your return package after we repair your item to help get you in the spirit? I might be going a little far here, but I like to have fun at the business, Mission Repair is all about it’s customers, and I just might try to add a little something to all of our services shortly.

You can look forward to the scents of pine trees at Christmas for sure…

Until then, have a great day and get yourself a pumpkin cupcake for dessert after lunch today if you can!

Take care, Ryan

What Is A Digitizer On An iPhone?

The word “digitizer” is used a lot when it comes to iPhones and iPhone repairs but what exactly is it? It wasn’t until I started working at Mission:Repair that I finally asked this question. Our technicians are all too familiar with iPhone screens, glass and digitizers. They repair thousands of them every month, so who better to provide the answer?247641_10152389828687913_2821550898266323372_n

The digitizer is the electronic component that senses the touch of your finger through the glass. It is designed to allow the device to be controlled by a finger tip and is fused under the glass.

The digitizer is part of the glass, therefore you cannot replace it alone. If your screen is not responding to touch, the glass AND digitizer need to be replaced. So, if you get a news glass put on your device, you will also be getting a new digitizer. It’s just the way it’s designed.

Need the glass/digitizer repaired on your iPhone? Take a look at the repairs we offer at Mission:Repair:

You cannot replace the glass or remove your good digitizer and reinstall it onto your iPhone. It doesn’t work like that. These assemblies must stay together, they are built together. So, if you are in need of a Glass Repair be sure to click on our services above or give us a call at 1-866-638-8402.

Have a great day,